Pro Racing Syndicate

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Welcome to Pro Racing Syndicate.

2019 is going to be a very special year for pro racing syndicate it’s took me now over three years to get all this in place trying different things after another to find something special and we have done just that.

My system covers every area and every detail there is to cover in the game and pin points me to fewer bets and the long term profit is second to none.

I advise you stick with us and us only and we only advise selections from the mobile number 07421388252 if you receive a text from any other number it is not sent by pro racing syndicate also don’t make profit with us and throw it away from chancers from different numbers, ignore all the rest!

We send out selections around 5:30pm night before racing before any other service out there as we make sure we are on at the best price possible.

What to expect all year round and how it will work.

(January — December) Pro Racing Syndicate will run the normal service for 12 months around 2/7 bets per week some weeks busier than others and some days we don’t have any syndicate bets so please do not be alarmed if no text message.

June — September

Pro Racing Syndicate over the turf flat season we send unraced selections and unexposed selections from the our system and covers all the leading top trainers a very good edition and expect around 0-3 bets per week.

June  —  September

As the flat season is a time for lots of meetings daily we bring in a trixie or a lucky 15 two to three times per week usually Wednesday’s Fridays and Saturdays this is more for fun and we go out for a big return and please note trixe or lucky 15 selections do not count towards profit there just for small change and fun.

All selections above are via text message only we send out around 5pm and never any later than 6:30pm night before racing for best possible odds. 


100% No free trials so please do not ask.

Pro Racing Syndicate Main Service is £60 Per month