Welcome to Pro Racing Syndicate.

Pro racing syndicate offers a daily message via sms and WhatsApp messenger.

Daily message contains one to three bets per day and how to bet on them.

“Its how you bet”thats makes the difference horses dont always have to win to make a profit this is where the everyday punter goes wrong and fills the bookies pockets.

We bet around 1-3 Selections per day over in Ireland if its a win bet, eachway bet placebet, place double, treble etc.

If you follow at level stakes for example £50 e/w £100 win or £5 e/w £10 win you will make a very good profit.

All results are recorded and availble on request. Text 07931641252 for results i can send via whatsapp or email.

Its very important how you bet and minimise a loss if there was to be one on the day.

All selections are based over in Ireland as thats where the contacts are based and get great information from the leading trainers over there.

If you have ever struggled to make a profit from horse racing then give a try and i can guarantee if you follow at level stakes you will make money its that simple.

They say no one makes money over in Ireland well there wrong, WE DO!

We charge £50 per month on pro racing syndicate.

You can join pro racing syndicate daily message via link below.

PayPal – adamkaka@live.co.uk.

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Bank transfer

Mr Dolby

Account number 73290815

Sort code 504237

Please leave reference of last 4 digits of mobile number when done text or ring me on 07421388252 so i can confirm and get you set up asap.