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If you’re interested in horse racing, making regular profits then please read on.

We have many  contacts high up the chain  at Pro Racing Syndicate built up over a number of years.

If you are looking for a service with a professional approach, solid information and a regular slow build of income then we can offer you a sublime service.

We average around 3/8 bets per week all on a points based system.  (Please contact if you need advice on points based betting).

If you sign up for our service following the rules is vital element of winning and losing.  There is no point following our advices then losing on your own picks, poor tipsters or machines.  Gambling should be an investment with a strict and patient approach.

If you go to the trouble of paying for advices then you have to play by the rules through good weeks and bad weeks.  It happens its nature of the beast but month on month we make plenty profits to pay for Christmas, family holiday and so forth.

All selections are  via text message and also if you wished you can join the members whatsapp group so you can communicate with others members which some have been in the group over two years and can answer questions and guide you in the right direction.

All our information is solely from people in the know some owners, trainers, traders and book makers.

Check our results page for a monthly figure of every increasing profits.

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