Welcome to Pro Racing Syndicate.

Pro racing syndicate offers a daily message via sms only.

Daily message contains one to three bets per day and how to bet on them.

“Its how you bet”thats makes the difference horses dont always have to win to make a profit this is where the everyday punter goes wrong and fills the bookies pockets.

We bet around 3-5pts per day whether or not there singles,double,trixie placebets.

Its very important how you bet and minimise a loss if there was to be one on the day.

We have many contacts and sources in the game but the trick is my system its all well and good thinking horse racing information is the place to be at but im afraid its not ive been well in with trainers and even owners and still am with some but even them go scratching there heads and this is where our system plays a massive part of this service.

If the information i receive matches with our system then we are looking at a bet if the price is right.

We dont win everyday every week but long term we really do take profits to another level.

We are a step ahead of the bookies as we send out around 5pm night before racing for the best available prices.

Follow every move we make and wait for them paydays as they always come along recently in april we have landed 119/1 full house win trixie 16/1 single winner covered via a 3/1 placebet on the same selection.

In the coming future we have gambles coming up and possible a very shrewd irish punter getting involved (currently monitoring progess)

We charge £50 per month on pro racing syndicate and if any extra services come along  like the gambles and irish punter its all included.

You can join pro racing syndicate daily message via link below.

PayPal – adamkaka@live.co.uk.

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Bank transfer

Mr Dolby

Account number 73290815

Sort code 504237

Please leave reference of last 4 digits of mobile number when done text or ring me on 07421388252 so i can confirm and get you set up asap.