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I have been with Adams Pro Service for several  months now and it has been a profitable experience also the difference with Adams service is you can be in contact with him daily for support and advise and general chat I have stopped all other services and I am only with Adam.


Been with Adam and pro racing for a year or so now and I’m still here because the information you get you can’t get anywhere else and we’ve had consistent profits with plenty of huge wins.


Excellent service. Reliable in both service and quality of bets. Get on quick to join. Great value.


All I can say is you must get involved and earn good profit every month, it’s changed my lifestyle for me and my family.


A very consistent and profitable service. Emphasis on quality bets not quantity. Can’t recommend it highly enough!


This is the very best punting service I have prescribed to in 40 Years of my thoroughbred addiction. Being in Australia I put my bets on before I go to bed and wake up with an increased balance. It’s like a miracle while I sleep. I couldn’t recommend a tipping service more highly.

Pro Racing Syndicate is £50 per month this includes Pro Racing Syndicate, Pro Racing Syndicate (Irish) and Pro Racing Syndicate (Gallops)

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