Q & A

Questions and Answers.


Q1) Can you make serious profit at pro racing syndicate.?

A1) Yes indeed we dont bet everyday, we wait patiently for our bets and when they come they are worth it.

Q2) Why would people choose pro racing syndicate insted of anybody else.?

A2) Its simple really, profit talks for itself and im a honest bloke who is on the phone if you want a chat i dont hide behind emails,computers, im always around.

Q3) What time can i expect a bet.?

A3) We know early evening night before racing and we send out via text message around 5pm – 7pm night before we are already a step ahead of anybody else and on at the best prices.

Q4) How many bets can we expect.?

A4) On a normal week probably looking at 4 bets overall but some week could be busier than others also some week they could be none but we do text out daily telling you there is no bet if that is the case.

Q5) Can i trust you.?

A5)  I hope to think you can and if you get involved for a few months im sure you would, also have many long term members and oldest member has been on for 5 years this christmas that tells you something itself.