I will hold my hands up over the years ive chopped and changed services trying to find whats best for punters and trying to do what the punters want we had some great years and some poor years until i realised it doesnt work long term so i thought results must be proofed if im going to talk the talk i must walk the walk (i think that’s the saying anyway you get the drift) i must prove it so since end of august 2018 i started proofing my selections and again i will hold my hands up again i sometimes forget to proof them as im busy but i do try and get them all on but we do have a weekly review so keep an eye on that.

You can see recent results on our weekly review.

I do proof our results but i will wait until end of year before i make them public but on our weekly review you will see winners and losers so im not hiding nothing just a table as such but will be public January 2019..