Pro Racing Syndicate Lastest winners 17/07/18 sms - Storming Tom wins 11/4 advised 9/2 Irish -William Du Berlais Wins 5/1 advised 6/1

The Irish professional service for the big boys!

Well there is no point coming in to the irish service betting peanuts at level stakes, i would recommend minimum stake per bet must be £10 at least.

This irish service is more than tipping service, its a investment, helps with you’re every day life helps with monthly bills and gives you spare cash to treat the kids/Partner, few beers down with friends, family meal. Its really down to the individual on how much you’re willing to invest with trust.

All you have to do is receive text message and follow what it says and see youre betting account grow. Takes two minutes to put the bet(s) on then you can get on with what you are doing.

The Irish service launched in june 2018 to a service and ive actually been backing theses for nearly three years and making nice profit month in month out.

A Service you can trust is something very hard to find! 

I started recording results as ive launched the service june as i thought it was time to bring to the public, after making consistant profit and i will be added results to this post every month.


June 2018

Only in a 10 day period in june the irish service recorded 8 points profit with a strike rate of 41% June results below, started off with 7 loses on the bounce but things soon took off.

Dont listen to the chancers who dont provide results its happening everywhere on social media. Do not subscribe anywhere without results, results must include losers or they are hiding something its that simple! 

It really is that simple do not subscribe to anything without proof of results even if they have given you a few winners on a trial they probably have just got lucky and striking while the iron is hot!

I cant stop you doing things or make you subscribe to pro racing syndicate but just make sure you know what you are doing before you give away you’re hard earned cash, please make sure you ask for results as 99% of the social media crowd will not have proof!

You can join the irish service via paypal , credit/debit card or bank transfer.

One months subscription £50

Bank Transfer

Mr Dolby

Account number 73290815
Sort code 504237


Please leave last 4 digits of mobile number as reference and please message me on 07421388252 and i will set you up asap.