Welcome To Pro Racing  Syndicate 

Hello my name is adam and own pro racing syndicate ltd.

Firsts things first we dont offer any inside information from stables etc as it’s all very hit and miss and mostly losing favourites as you probably do know and if you dont then my advise is stay away from anyone offering information as it’s all a load of rubbish and mostly false.

Now pro racing syndicate offers a very good form and system based service where we offer a very profitable long term profit.

There are two parts to our service explained below.

Account Bets 

Account bets are for the bigger stakes and will be around 3/5 bets per week and are advised with a point system between 1/5 5 being a maximum bet sticking to the point system is crucial to a long term profit and account bets are sent via text message mostly night before around 6pm.

Daily Message 

We offer a daily message sent via text message around 8am on the days racing 10am lastest weekends and some days night before but never no later than times above, daily message send out between 2/6 points on a daily basis with the staking plan for the day, if you stick to the staking plan then you will be fine as some people like to bet there own way and that’s fine but I will not be responsible so my advise will be stick to the staking plan these are not account bets so smaller stakes are required but will go well long term.

Free Daily Email

We do offer a daily email for free you can get on the email list here FREE DAILY EMAIL

One months Subscription is £30 only.

We no longer accept PayPal.

Please send payment via bank transfer details below.

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Pro Racing Syndicate Ltd


Account Number 

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Please do leave last 4 digits of mobile number as reference and please do make me aware of the payment so we can get you set up asap text or ring me on 07931641252.